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RoboBrrd and Voice Commands

Update - Jan 18, 2013 - Updated code to exclude newlines from the actions and embedded code as a Gist.

Want your RoboBrrd (or any other Arduino app) to obey your every command? Here’s a quick script using Florian Schultz’ Speech to Text Library (STT). This script will change the color of the RoboBrrd’s eyes, and make it Tweet. You can add on to the script to make it do more!

RoboBrrd Voice Commands from Eightlines on Vimeo.

The script comes in two parts. The first part is the Arduino script. This receives the Voice commands via Serial connection. Yep, you’ll need to have your RoboBrrd plugged into your USB connection while you use this script.

November 2nd 2012
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Arduino Leonardo and Windows 8

Ran into a problem installing the Arduino Leonardo on Windows 8 yesterday and I thought it would be useful to other people (including me, when my memory fails) to document the solution. Although the Leonardo does not require FTDI drivers, it still requires the COM port drivers to be installed. Windows ...
December 29th 2011
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DLP-RFID1 for Processing

I recently had to set up a Processing application to monitor 15 RFID readers. The source was in C++ so I made a quick port to Processing. I'm adding it here in case it's of use to anyone using a DLP-RFID1 device. Is there a better way of doing it? ...
June 9th 2010
Tags: Code, ObjectiveC, Three20, Tutorial


Three20 TTTableViewController commitEditingStyle

This post is mostly for my future reference. I found the documentation of the TTTableViewController's commitEditingStyle to be lacking. Some of the comments on StackOverflow provide the right answer, but the code wasn't posted so I struggled for a bit. Below is an example of the version I managed to ...
September 11th 2009
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The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronics Junk (TGIMBOEJ) is a box. It's a box that arrives on your doorstep after you drop your name on a wiki page and wait a good deal of time. It's a box that has electronics junk inside and it works off the premise ...
August 9th 2009
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Power Monitor Packet

As Hugo helpfully commented in a previous post, here is the link to the Power Monitor Patent. The specific page I'm linking to is the Packet model. Lots of reading to do here, but its pretty interesting. One of the things I find most interesting about this patent is the citations ...


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